Reclaiming Eve


There's this particular expression I can no longer contain...

Call it a hunger, a desire, a need to create moments and a space where our form, our allure, our mystery as women is experienced in the most un-tamed holiness, that it brings healing to the world, to our bodies, to the very depths of who we as women. Quiet honestly, I don't even have the words that are able to describe the moments I am wanting to capture and unlock. Breathtaking. Striking. Innocent. Healing.

This is a Session I think you, and the world, is hungry to experience and witness. I want to capture moments of women who are beautifully, perfectly undone in their favorite linen button down or vintage tee from their favorite rock concert. I want to step into your quiet, powerful allure that evokes curiosity and reverence. I want the world to experience once again the rare, innocent and dare I say sexy side of our form. All in the pursuit of expressing to the world and ourselves that we are all daughters of Eve.