why photography?

this is your life and it's beautiful.

Do you know how many times I could count on my hand the Brides, Mommas of toddlers or Seniors who would give the world to have their moments re-captured? They thought they would not care down the road, but they realized, all too late, that it's not just about the click of a button. It's about the person who has been gifted in this medium, who not only captures your life, but captures it in such a way that moves you. If you don't want to leave your life's moments to chance, I'm your gal!

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calling all of those in love with their lives

"Life. It’s a beautiful thing. I want to capture your life's moments for you to enjoy for a lifetime."

Crystal Joy, Owner of America Roe Photography


Tabby:Senior Session

Meet Crystal. She is curious, a fan of natural beauty and maker of a things art. She is all these things and more. I would consider her a friend even though we’ve only interacted in person a few times. She was the photographer for my daughter’s senior portraits.
When we got out of the car to get our photos taken, Crystal made us feel instantly at ease. She carried her camera in this beautiful way like it was an extension of herself. When I saw the photos, I was blown away by how beautiful they were. -Anna

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