who am I...

Hi, I am Crystal Joy.

Hello! I'm so glad you stopped by! Can I ask you something? What can I do to capture you? This question is why I do what I do. This is more about you-but I get it- you want to know more about me before I get to capture you. So: Midwesterner who LOVES photography and passionate about your life's moments: session to delivery. So, my business model is full-service. This means: I am here to help you select and make your moments into Fine Art for you to look at and enjoy everyday for your lifetime and beyond.

I cannot imagine my life without Jesus.He is the ultimate creator and all that i capture he has created. i want to reflect his beauty and to experience everything beautiful, memorable and amazing this life has to offer. I know how quickly beautiful moments pass us by...so why not allow this medium be the container we bottle these moments that become but whispers of our past. I want my life to make an impact and this giftset to inspire others. would you allow me the honor to step into your life to photograph it and capture the essence and feelings behind it? If so, I'm only a short message away.

Wanna see me in action? Just click that play button and Viola!

Wanna see me in action? Just click that play button and Viola!

"Love what you do and others will see love beaming from you."

crystal Joy