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A little intro about the Owner: My name is Crystal, and I am the behind all that you see here at America Roe Photography. I am an Iowa native, but have seemingly made roots in the Twin Cities. While I tend to have a crazy schedule, when I DO have time to recharge, I love to travel, listening to worship music, dancing, working out, reading, finding incredible coffee shops to kick back at with friends, eating sushi and of course, capturing life through my camera lens. I'm a daughter, sister, aunt, girlfriend, friend, mentor and a woman who dreams to make a dent in this world for the better.  

 As for this photography business: I decided in April 2014 to make my love for photography into a bonafide business. I have learned SO much since starting my business 8 years ago. Since the beginning, it has always been my heart to serve my clients from our first conversation to our Photography Reveal and Keepsake Ordering Session (and yes, that means I want your final photos to be from me, rather than Target, Walgreens, etc.). Here at America Roe Photography, I want your entire experience with me to WOW you! I want your time and investment to count, so as your photographer, I am dedicated to serve you from the first email to the final delivery of your Fine Art Photography Keepsakes.

Website Creation: This side of creating began from the start of my journey as a photographer. In the span of my business, I have created over half a dozen websites for myself and for other entrepreneurs. I have always been incredibly passionate about curating websites that my client's are proud to share with the world, because our websites are an online extension and essence of us and our businesses. Author Kasey Kaplan for the Forbes Article, "Why Every Business Needs a Website," states, "Having a strong online presence, particularly a website, can be make or break for generating more revenue. Yes, the quality of your website impacts results..." Absolutely. I've been building websites for others since 2020 and haven't looked back!

America Roe Photography: I bet you are wondering how America Roe correlates with my name, Crystal. Most of the people in my life did too. Well, in August 2018, I decided to do some BIG things in my life and with that change, I thought that it would be fitting to change the name of my business. In the Bible, whenever people went through a big change in their life and God wanted to establish a new identity, they would get a name change to signify this event occurring. Abram was changed to Abraham after God made a covenant with him, that his offspring would be greater than the number of stars in the sky. Jacob was changed to Israel after he wrestled with God in the desert. Thus, Crystal Joy W. Photography is now known as America Roe Photography. The meaning behind this: I love the country we live in and the freedoms we have as Americans in America. I have the freedom to own a business, to conduct business as I see fit and to capture you freely. The word “Roe” as a girl’s name means, “red-haired”, which is seen as a unique trait, or a trait unlike any other. I very much want my photography and my service to my clients to be just that: unlike any other.

America Roe’s Photography Style: I LOVE natural light, especially the golden hour. I also like raw, organic moments, because I find that these moments are the moments people lovingly look back on. Now, if you're looking for your photo galleries to be composed of posed compositions, you'll get some of these, but most of your session will be candid moments that are rich with emotion and dimension. If you dig these types of images, then I'm pretty sure we are going to really enjoy our time together.

My heart as the owner: Can I tell you something super raw about me? One of the hardest things I have come to find out about in this arena of photography, there is the trap we as people can fall in to, and that's comparison. That photographer is doing this style OR this photographer is doing that. But something I have learned is that I have to love myself and be the truest I can be to my artform, because essentially, you found me because my images spoke to you or a past client of mine told you about me. 

A note to you: Fabulous person, I'd LOVE to capture your life’s unique moments, unscripted for you. I want to be the photographer capturing your moments and to provide the opportunity to make these moments in to Fine Art. Please know that I realize that it takes immense trust from you for me to capture your life's moments, and know that I deem it such an incredible honor and huge responsibility to capture these moments for you. 

I can't wait to hear from you!   

Love what you do

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