America Roe Frame and Wall Gallery Inspiration

Let's take a seat in your living room, or take a step down your hallway in your home. What do you see and perhaps hope to see? Do you know what I would love to see? Your life's moments. Presented in such a way that not only fostered happy thoughts and feelings of profound gratitude for your life, but presented in such a way that also adds comfort and drama to your home.

Most of the time, people ask me why I have forgone handing over my high-resolution digitals to my clients and decided to become a portrait photographer. The images below are, in essence, the reason. I want to take all of the energy, time and efforts made from our time at your Session, to the hours of fine tuning and curating of your moments during my time editing, to have the final steps be breathtaking. I want you to look at your moments from our time together. I want something that is intangible (high-resolution digital images) to become tangible (fine art prints framed and displayed as stunning galleries or framed moments bringing your home to life.)

So let's adventure deeper into what today's digital world has left behind and create something that will don the wall of your home with incredibly breathtaking moments. Moments of your life, as Fine Art.

Below are a few captures of installations in my home's guest bedroom. Endearingly, I've chosen to name this the Sunset Room, as the sunset I've make into a collage is where I gathered my inspiration for decor. Every time I walk into this space, I smile. My photography is framed and displayed as it ought to be: as Fine Art. I want this for you! I want to create spaces in your home, that when you enter them, they make you giddy.

More Inspirations

These are some more inspirations that have stopped me cold in my scroll.

Please note: these are not images curated by us here at America Roe, but boy oh boy, they were too good to keep a secret!

These are just a few amazing inspirations to help you and me create some perfect for your home.