Where to start...

The beginning. Always one word at a time. One thought being brought to life from the mind. Those loud, pressing thoughts that want a different environment where they might be able to lend healing or insight for not just one person, but many people. I've always loved writing and words. I have always found the composition and stringing of these things we call words, that then form a concept that might just breath life or understanding into the story of another life, to always always amazing.

So how to use now these words to express what I want to write about this day.

These days, I am struck with the desire to create, and to express that creation with anyone who would desire to see it. Alongside this, I've been wanting to do a blog for some time, but what was needed was not present. I needed solitude. This is a frightening word for some-but for me, I am my truest self when I am alone. I love people, don't get me wrong. And it is not right to be alone all the time, but solitude is something that allows thoughts and feelings that have been submerged to rise to the top. To then be acknowledged and then either edified or extracted from our lives. Solitude also allows me to think about who I am and who I want to be. Lately, there has been this draw towards creating a space where feminine form and holiness are found embracing once again. You know what I mean by this...there images that tear down and carve into our lovely nature and leaves us gapping, exposed, undone, almost shattered...and human nature is then left to pick up the pieces of undoing and disrespecting sacredness of our beautiful bodies. Makes my stomach turn as an artist. So many are producing a counterfeit to our power, mystery, innocence and raw beauty. So, I've decided to move into a space where women can find healing, freedom of expression of all that they are in those sacred space of our lives. I've decided to call these sessions Reclaiming Eve Sessions-as a return to Eden. Some might criticize it as being too much, too Biblical too, something. But that's the problem. We have see too much of another form of photography and it's time to go back to Eden. To the beginning. To pursue a sacred holiness that are bodies ARE as women. Not for anything but the splendor and holiness found within our very form. So we go back to the beginning of Creation, where we were naked and unashamed. Where our sexuality was pure, full of splendor and our Creator and fellow created did not have shame. Yes. These will be Session where I hope that you see my passion for holiness and understand how this space will be where we reclaim ourselves as daughters of Eve.

Let's start at the beginning.