America Roe Photography

Fine Art Pricing


Here at America Roe Photography, you have trusted us to capture your moments in a certain way. Know that you can also trust us to take these very moments you love and curate them into the finest of artwork for you.

Your life’s moments deserve to be made into impeccable works of art for your home, to be cherished everyday, and preserved in such a way that they will be able to be passed down from generation to generation.


Fine Art Prints

We call these fine art print for a reason. They are not your run-of-the-mill prints that you can buy anywhere, because we believe your moments deserve much more than “common”. Instead, have your moments come to life with our impeccably toned, high-quality prints that stand the test of time and have you in awe each time they catch your gaze.


Wall Art

30X40 $299

24X36 $295

20X30 $245

16X24 $216

16X20 $196

11X14 $165

Custom Framing

Pricing varies. All Framed Fine Art Prints come ready-to-hang.

Gift Prints

8X10 $100

5X7 $60

4X6 $50

premium canvas art

There are canvases, and then there are America Roe Photography canvases! Using the highest of quality of goods and state of the art equipment, experience your moments on our museum-quality, premium canvases.

We believe that your moments deserve to be displayed in your home in a fashion similar to works of art by Rembrandt or DaVinci. And don’t worry, we won’t be surprised, that after seeing these works of art, you will wonder where these have been all your life.


2 “ Wrap

20X30 $2155

16X24 $1950

11X14 $1000

8X10 $800

larger sizes available upon request


customized photobooks

Just like your moments are unique to you, we want you to feel like your photobooks are made just the way you like, and for them to last the test of time. Printed in the highest quality of photopaper, and made with the highest quality of goods, you won’t have to worry about your photos turning yellow or fading over time.

These photobooks are so stunning, that you will be proudly displaying these in your home, reaching for them (we hope) each and everyday.



16x12 $2880 (extra spread:$120/spread)

14X11 $2700 (extra spread:$115/spread)

12X9 $2555 (extra spread:$103/spread)

10x9 $2155 (extra spread:$77/spread)

8X6 $1870 (extra spread:$60/spread)


10.5x14 $2350(extra spread:$90/spread)

9X12 $2050(extra spread:$70/spread)

6X8 $1600 (extra spread:$40/spread)


12x12 $2300 (extra spread:$90/spread)

10X10 $2100 (extra spread:$70/spread)

8X8 $1900 (extra spread:$60/spread)

Photobook Details and Add-On’s

All books can be max of 45 spreads

Add Foil Title to front cover $65 (Gold, Rose Gold, Silver)

Add a Slip Cover from $170 & $200(for 16X12)

  • Please note that pricing and products are subject to adjustments without notification. These include (but are not limited to): price increase, price reduction, product additions and product discontinuance.

  • Sales Tax and Shipping Rates are not included in the above pricing.